Us Few

What we are trying to achieve has changed. A few people are remembering the value of hard work and personal intent. A few people are working to understand a better way, working to find others who understand, working to turn the tide. Society is beginning to understand the calamity of living in a culture like … Continue reading

Change to stay the same

What am I trying to prove? Nothing. What am I trying to achieve? Nothing. What am I trying to avoid? Nothing. What am I trying to remember? Nothing. What am I trying to keep? Nothing. What am I trying to escape? Nothing. What am I trying to…   The longer I practice these ideas, simplicity, … Continue reading


what I’m finding now is my way back what I’m find now is a voice, no longer choked back by smoke.   what I’m learning now is what I want, I must earn. what I’m learning now is that I can define truth and what it means for me.   what I’m seeing now is … Continue reading


Seeing new faces intrigues me and piques my curiosity regarding the human condition Seeing new places intrigues me and reminds me how sheltered I am in my little corner of the Universe. Staring in to someone else’s eyes wondering how they let themselves go so far down that dark road of self-destruction, brings sadness in … Continue reading

These Days

these days I find myself taking less chances and doubling down on a sure bet   These days I find myself thinking too much about what needs remembering   these days I’m not setting goals, but I’m still shooting my shot   These days I’m not making plans but I’m still taking steps on The … Continue reading


chasing novelty never gets old. I’ll try anything once, and then again, as long as its different that before. I’ll try anything I haven’t done with anyone I haven’t done it with before. I find myself nonplussed by the new and titillating. I find myself sitting back and twiddling my thumbs as all the colors … Continue reading