Show Up, Do Work

I’m learning that trying to make myself tough reduces my ability to create I’m learning the difference between existing and optimizing I’m learning when I should test myself more and when I should let myself grow I’m learning that there are rules for how to be good at life Rule #1: Show Up  Rule #2: … Continue reading


How patient should I be? how long do I make myself wait? is less than enough really a way to live? what make people think they want more? what are we all saving for? why doesn’t that appeal to me?   Am I a fool for believing we are all going to die? is it … Continue reading

Can you relate???

Sometimes you make the change happen sometimes the whispers become screams sometimes your effort isn’t enough sometimes its not about you   What I’ve learned this week is emotion connects us what I’ve learned this week is to stay present What I’ve learned this week is to say the words what I’ve learned this week … Continue reading

An Interesting Paradox

The most interesting, paradoxical feeling… Understanding I have the ability to hurt people, and understanding why I choose not to. Using my body to inflict harm does not make me feel “good”, and yet I practice regularly, honing my skill set, dying a bit myself each time a choke overwhelms me or a limb becomes … Continue reading

A year without my kids

There are no do-overs, just moving forward the things we have don’t define us but sometimes they tie us to memories and its is hard to let go of what was   I’ve always said a place for everything and everything in it’s place but that is harder to hold to when someone isn’t where … Continue reading

I Don’t Get Tired

These days never stop. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have 10 things to think about. But, I feel the buzz. So much of the time its hard to want to stop. these days it feels like I’ve found a nice groove, and it doesn’t feel like a rut. I’m really trying to … Continue reading