On Revolution

Hello Friends,

Another week flew by and it is time for us to share another conversation :). Let me begin by saying that I believe the information that  is pertinent to a Living Revolution must be clear and specific. For this, a definition is necessary. There are many different ideas about what will happen when “the revolution” takes place, and some of those ideas are a little crazy. I want to use this blog to share information I believe is important, and I want to use this blog to share information that is useful and effective for rendering change in the world. I want to make our discussion concise and direct, to ensure our efforts will be toward the same goals and will be focused with the same intention. So, here is what I think of when I hear the word “revolution”…

Many ideas about revolution come from the meaning this word shares with the word “revolt”, which is defined as “the renouncing of allegiance”. Sometimes I also like to think of revolution in terms of motion, and envision revolution as the action inherent in any cycle or process. I see revolution as a word imbued with the meaning of movement and change and action. What do you see in your minds eye when you mash up the ideas of “renouncing allegiance” with the ideas of movement, motion and action? To me, it looks like taking responsibility for the path we choose in life, and that we must work tirelessly to achieve what we want to achieve. To me, if we see ourselves living  full, enriching, rewarding lives, we must make the effort to do what gives us life, and do what gives life to the world around us. To me, it really looks like thinking for myself and making my own way and being accountable for my behavior to the world (and people) around me.

I believe change is the essence of  revolution. Generally, revolution results from a desire to be treated differently, or a desire to act differently. These two desires are very nearly synonymous, but it is important to differentiate between the two. The first is a response to other people’s action, and the second is a precursor to one’s own behavior. People can handle being mistreated for only so long before they recognize the value of the humanity within them, and demand that humanity be respected. People can be restricted and oppressed for only so long before they do what feels natural to them. Likewise, bad habits, and unhealthy lifestyle, or antisocial behavior can only persist for so long before a different way of behaving is necessary.

Revolution is often used as a political term, and historically, we most often see revolution as action taken against governments. But, there are also culinary revolutions, academic revolutions, technological revolutions, etc. My questions is this: are we limiting  ourselves by keeping our focus too narrow? Do we see our energy trained on one or two issues, when we could be adopting with a more holistic approach? Do we want to see just one aspect of our lives change, or do we want to change everything that NEEDS to be changed?

Thinking about how much work we have to do can be depressing. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my own desire to “be the change” I want to see in the world. I often get frustrated when I know I can be doing something more effective than whatever it is I am currently doing. There are even times when I doubt what I really believe about the world, because I think it would be easier to just “go with the flow”, step in line, and believe everything that is fed to me by people who really don’t have my best interest in mind. Thankfully, I know a few people who expect more than that from me, and they keep me motivated to continue pursuing what I believe to be right and true.

Think about how/why you want to change the world, and what you want to see changed and then drop a comment. What are we fighting for? Why do we care enough to act against the status quo? How far are we willing to go with our action? What are we trying to achieve? Until next time…


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