The Bonds of Convention

Hello Friends,

Another incredible competition experience this week, and I am inspired by you, the people I am honored to call my Friends. Not only are new connections and relationships being created and nurtured, but we are actually getting into some noteworthy conversations about what is happening in the world around us. It is amazing to sit back and watch the creative, intelligent people around me, as they unpack their beliefs, and share themselves with each other. Not that our post-competition gathering was some kind of intellectual orgy or anything, but I am excited by how we interact as a community.We bring together a variety of perspectives, and we mash ourselves all together, and people are challenged by it, and people are inspired by it, and people are educated by it, and it is a positive, fulfilling experience. Isn’t that incredible?

Which brings me to today’s post. In many respects, I think we’ve finally reached some kind of a plateau. I’m thinking today about avoiding the habit of doing pretty much the same routine every week. I’m thinking about doing my best to avoid ending up in some kind of a rut. I’m thinking about consciously willing ourselves to evolve on a daily basis, emotionally, physically and cognitively. I’m thinking about taking advantage of each opportunity to make ourselves better, and to inspire each other to achieve more than we have ever imagined.

Every week we are presented with the potential to change the world. In the simplest terms, our coming together IS changing the world. In the sharing of a meal, and the sharing of a time and space, we break out of the mold of everyday life. By coming together as a community, we enrich ourselves with positive human interaction, the interaction that meets our innate need for relationship with one another. We exchange information and we share our stories. We share our dreams and failures, our fears and triumphs. Every time we are together, we challenge the dominant paradigm and break the bonds of convention.

Is that exciting or what? Doesn’t that inspire you to sit down right now, enthusiastically evaluate your life and your dreams, your goals, aspirations and fears, and begin working toward a different way of life? The ideas we have for our future are possible, and we are only bound by the limits of our own creativity, so what are we waiting for? Let’s give people something other than the status quo, and see if “normal” is still the best way to be. Let’s change the world.

What we need to do now is begin articulating our answers to some very important questions. What do we want to see changed? Why do we want these specific changes made, and how are we going to begin working toward our ideal state of being? What sacrifices are we willing to make to see our vision realized? Why aren’t we happy with how life is right now? When we act, who are our decisions going to affect?

Let’s start as small as we need to, and build this thing up as we go. Want to grow our own food? Come work with me this summer in our backyard garden. Want to homeschool your kids? Let’s go to the library, check out some books and start a parent-taught reading program. Want to quit smoking? We’ll exercise and meditate together, using a group dynamic to keep us all encouraged to strive for personal wellness.  The Living Revolution is so simple when you get down to it, so let’s start doing it. Send me some of your ideas and we will start putting it all together. I can’t wait!!

Until next time…


One thought on “The Bonds of Convention

  1. Looking forward to sharing more time and space outside of our home away from home together. I am glad our paths have crossed and I am excited to see who else comes along our journey. I wish I could have been there for this last comp cause I love screaming till I can’t speak to help those who are destroying their boundaries!

    PS let me know if you ever want to have an instinctual orgy! I am so there!

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