On Training

Hello Friends,

Some of you may be thinking this blog is progressing a bit slow, and that I should get to the real MEAT of the issue and begin telling you how to build your own house out of old tires or give you detailed instructions on how to make your own dynamite. Some of you may think the time to act is now; you may think we don’t have much time before the world as we know it ceases to exist. You may think enough damage has been done and we can’t wait for another hundred species of flora and fauna to go extinct. And you would be right.

But we aren’t ready yet. I know this because you are still reading this blog on your computer. I know this because you still drove your car to work. I know this because I don’t have any food canned, dried or otherwise preserved to sustain my family through the winter. We still have much to accomplish before we are ready, but that doesn’t mean we will sit around passively waiting for the Living Revolution to sweep us up. That is why you keep reading the words I type here. Just like me, you want to be a part of the action. You want to make the world a better place to live. You want to get your hands dirty.  But maybe you don’t know how.

If this point is where you find yourself, it is time to get excited. And it is also time for you to start Training. Training is different from Skill-building in one important area. While Skill-building infers the repetition of already-acquired skills to achieve competency, Training involves receiving knowledgeable instruction and acquiring NEW skills. For the average person in America today, the concept of Training has been relegated to a boring, two hour long, Powerpoint presentation on how some new policy will change how they do their job. This is often called “on-the-job” Training, and has very little to do with acquiring new skills that will help a person function more effectively at their job, and has little to do with creating a community of individuals striving toward a shared goal.

The Training I am talking about involves the sharing of information between Journeyman who have spent a good deal of their life honing skills to near-perfection and novices who desire to learn new skills. In a perfect world, we would all have a mentor or two who would help guide us through the difficult and confusing processes of learning a whole bunch of new skills that we don’t have any experience with. Unfortunately, there are many more novices than there are professionals. But fear not, friends. We don’t need “professionals”, because we have passion and we have purpose! Our desire to change the way we live, to change the way we eat, to change the way we commune with one another, is what will drive us to work tirelessly toward achieving our goals. But what are our goals?

My goal in starting this blog is to create a handbook of sorts, or at best, a forum where different kinds of people can come together to exchange information, creating a network of reciprocal, beneficial, mutualistic relationships. Now, I am beginning to get curious. What will you bring to this table? What goals do you have for your own Living Revolution? What are some topics you are interested in, but haven’t investigated? What can I do for you? Ask your friends the same questions, and then drop a comment. I have some ideas of my own, but I am only one person. Let’s see what happens when we put all our ideas together. Until next time…


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