Defining Tools

Hello Friends,

In today’s post I want to continue by defining another important aspect of a successful and effective revolution. Again, I will be taking the first broad definition from Resource Manual for a Living Revolution. And I quote: “A tool is anything that is useful in working toward social change”.  Well, that sure does leave a lot to the imagination, doesn’t it? Let’s see if we can get a bit more specific.

Here is Webster’s definition:

1. A device, such as a saw, used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work.
2. Something regarded as necessary to the carrying out of one’s occupation or profession.
3. Something used in the performance of an operation; an instrument.

When I think of tools, my first thought is of tangible objects like a barbell, a rifle or a crockpot. Each of these was created to serve a specific purpose, and if necessary, can be re-purposed to serve a variety of functions. While it is true that tangible Tools will definitely play a role in the coming revolution,  there is another concept  that is more important. Beyond the tangible, we each possess a set of cognitive Tools that determine how we communicate, how we learn, how we teach, and how we interact with others.  Indeed, they affect every social interaction we engage in. This knowledge garnered from experience and education is part of what is known as “social capital”, which can be defined simply as useful information shared between members of a group (at no cost). I believe the vital information we learn together will be the difference between thriving in the world of tomorrow and perishing when the going gets tough.

For those of us who are preparing now this means we need to actively familiarize ourselves with the tangible AND cognitive tools that will increase the likelihood of our survival. This knowledge includes everything from how to grow your own garden, to applying basic first aid, to making your own explosives, and the tangible tools including everything from a spatula to a syringe to a shovel. The variety of necessary skills means that even if you are squeamish around blood, you might be able to help plant vegetables, and even if you can’t stand cooking from scratch, you may be able to help build a radio tower. There will be something for everyone!!

Your homework for today is to consider what you will contribute to the Living Revolution. What would you like to learn about that you may not currently understand? Do you believe it is possible for a small group of like-minded people to survive and thrive outside of the constraints of modern society? What would that look like to you, and how are you going to begin preparing to see that vision realized? Where are you going to get the information you need, and how are you going to share it with the people who are important to you? Drop a comment and let me know what you think. Until next time…


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