How to Avoid the Inevitable (and be Happy with Who You Are)

Hello Friends,

Just so you know, as of this moment, I no longer believe in fate. What do you think of that? I don’t believe in predestination or the “butterfly effect” either. I don’t believe ANYTHING is meant to be, and I am trusting that whatever happens in the world around us, happens because of some thoughtful, intentional action. What about you? Do you believe we possess a free will to determine how our existence plays out, or are we slaves to some benevolent(hopefully) higher power that moves us around as IT sees fit? Many people I know say the answer to this questions falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, but I don’t buy it anymore. So, what do you think?

As the New Year continues to march on, and I continue to work my way through each day, I am finding more and more that CHANGE is the only constant that can be relied upon. By mindfully seeking each day to keep up with my personal revolutions, I recognize that remaining static, in any circumstance, can only bring failure, sadness, destruction and death.

That might be a bit strong, yeah? Seriously though, diving into a new schedule, rearranging my life, and encouraging those around me to make some drastic change in the way they live have all brought a new fire to my life. I started this year by recognizing there is NOTHING in the human experience more organic or more holistic, than CHANGE. Our bodies die and regenerate every second of every day; we are literally a new person every morning we wake up. A vast majority of the change we experience happens beyond our conscious control, but doesn’t it feel sometimes like we are trying so hard to just keep life together only to constantly fail and end up frustrated? Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn how to flow with change and be happy regardless?

This is where intention comes into play. This is also the place where we can learn to release our desire to control, and let our actions determine how our life will be. I am sure you are wondering by now how this all plays into the Living Revolution, and I am going to tell you. The changes we desire to see take place in the world around us will not happen because it is destiny. They will not happen because we send good vibes to politicians and businessmen, hoping they will wake up tomorrow and change their evil, destructive ways. The change we want to see take place will not happen because we pray, or meditate, or align all our chakras. The change we want to see will only happen when we decide to ACT.

It is possible, and I’ll even say it is likely, that my generation could prevent the destruction of the natural world. We could begin taking steps today to unplug modern technology, undermine corporate colonialism, unclog polluted lakes, rivers and streams. We could take steps to reverse childhood diabetes and chronic obesity, as well as anorexia and bulimia. We could begin teaching our children to love themselves, to love the natural world, and to be better stewards of this planet than so many generations before them. We could start doing all this today, and real change would occur, and it wouldn’t be because of chance or fate or the inevitable. It would happen because we want it to happen.

What are you waiting for? What excuses are you going to use to avoid creating the life you want? What responsibilities will you avoid because the work is “too hard”, and you just don’t have the time? More appropriately, what are you doing to make positive change in your life today? What thoughts are you thinking, what actions are you performing, what habits are you breaking, to ensure the world is a better place because you are here?

I look forward to hearing how you want to help me change the world, and how you are going to change yourself for the better this year. Drop an email or a comment and let’s start talking!! Until next time…


One thought on “How to Avoid the Inevitable (and be Happy with Who You Are)

  1. My favorite post so far…
    Lately I have been trying to be mindful of the fact that not just everyday but every moment is a potential for change. I also am aware that every moment spent moving towards a specific intention builds on each other making the likelihood of that change an eminent possibilty. We are here and now… and for me there is more. It is not fate but rather the finding of our center. We are connected. I wonder if every generation has been “acting” to the best of their ability hoping for positive change utilizing the knowledge that they have and, like you, I become excited by the possiblity that I am living during a time that all of this is at the cusp for us to not only be eliciting change but to also acutually see it. For me this change is not just for human rights, or for the salvation of this beautiful earth, but also for the spiritual connection of our beings. That we can create a positive world not only for our selves, our children, our dogs :), our neighbors, but also help create an existence that services all of constant need for health.
    Thank you Tobias for your constant drive and push for improvement.

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