Finding The Truth

Hello Friends,

Life is crazy, this we know. Often, we find ourselves unprepared to deal with the drama of new changes in our lives, and  sometimes we shut down. Our job is stressful, we don’t make enough money, our kids aren’t happy, our partners don’t give us the attention we need. We don’t get enough exercise, we eat too much, the car insurance needs to be paid, and the dishwasher is broken. We feel like things should be better or at least different, and we find ourselves slowly slipping into a dark abyss of self-pity and apathy. I think so much of the displeasure we find in our own lives comes from convincing ourselves we “deserve” a better life.

I watched this movie last night, and it made me think a bit more about my life, and the lives of the people I love. Mostly, I reflected on how blessed and lucky we are to have access to the plethora of resources that are available to us, but I also thought about how often I find myself or someone else complaining about how “hard” life is. I thought a bit about White Entitlement, and I thought a bit about how I might live my life differently if I knew when I would die. As a amateur psychologist, I contemplated how the way we think effects our physiology, and how a poor attitude can actually produce poor health. As a self-proclaimed “silly hippy”, I contemplated how a negative attitude can produce  negative energy or “vibe”  that is perceptible to other people. As someone who believes we are all connected by the energy that makes up everything, I contemplated how this kind of attitude may  adversely effect our interactions with the people around us.

I realized that much of the drama and discontent we experience comes from our confusion about what real life and happiness “should” be. I recognized a series of untruths we tell ourselves that create a skewed view of reality in our minds. We hold ourselves to a unrealistic standard that is a product of the messages we absorb throughout our lives, forced on us by a variety of authorities, from our parents to the people who control advertising. I started putting together a list of experiences in my own life that were based on untruths and confusion. At the same time, I started putting together a list everything in my life I believe is TRUE.

Here are a few of the TRUTHS I recognize: The love I have for my kids. The love I have for my partner. My desire to be tested to the core of my being.  My distaste for modern American culture and the corporate government that runs the show. My belief in the chaos and order of the natural world and the importance of a symbiotic relationship between human beings and the rest of the Earth’s inhabitants. My belief in the power of focused thought and intentional action to inspire lasting change. The thankfulness I have toward the people who have influenced me to become the person I am today. The importance I place on physical interaction with my environment and the people around me. The belief that our attitudes, not our circumstances, determine our happiness.

I wondered if there is a pattern or process that comes with recognizing the TRUTH in something or someone, and I wondered how we could show other people this method, assuming it does exist. I wondered how we could go about unlearning old patterns of thought and action, and learn new ways of perceiving the world. I wondered if we could all get on the same page and put forth a message that contained TRUTH and agree on what that meant. What is TRUTH in your life? How does it determine your thoughts and actions? How often do you share your version of TRUTH with other people? Tell me something true.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Finding The Truth

  1. Love this post! Glad you thinking about what is true in your life we all need to constantly… One thing I know about truth…Look for it like you need breath and you will find it in the craziest of places…

  2. My truths: My love for my kids, my love for my incredible husband, my love for my close family and friends. That, when I am present with that love, I am more grounded than at any other time. That I am my happiest and truest self when I am honest and open and when my actions, my thoughts, and my words all align.
    Those ones were easy, I think about those a lot. I don’t think about my untruths as often though. That’s a list I will work on.
    Great post as usual Mister.

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