Hello Friends,

I often wonder about the power and meaning of the words we use when we speak. Do we tend to say what we think people want to hear? Do we tend to overuse metaphor, rhetoric, or other literary devices that often distract from our original point? Do we attempt to understand the world around us by way of fables and parables because we find the literal lessons to be too off-putting? Do we find it difficult to simply say what we mean, and mean what we say?

Some of the frustration I experience when I think about the coming revolution comes from the fact that we could be accomplishing so much more if we just decided to ACT as passionately as we SPEAK. That is to say, if we started behaving literally. Can you imagine if we all started talking about our dreams and plans and goals and fears and desires and everything else in literal terms? Or even if we just started talking about a fraction of our thoughts in literal terms? I believe it would be a truly incredible shift to see manifested. But we have to remember that if we actually behaved this way, our accountability and our responsibility toward to the Community around us would increase exponentially. We would be forced to consider the well-being of those around us to such an extent that we might actually put their needs above our own. We would do this because we would understand that the realization of individual dreams has such little value unless those dreams can be shared. And you can’t share something with someone unless you understand their desires and needs, and understand how to meet those needs. And you can’t undestand someone’s needs without communicating and connecting with them on the most profound, basic, literal level. And you can’t connect and communicate with the community around you if you can’t speak in truth, if you can’t speak literally.

Sometimes it is fear that keeps us from saying what we mean. We can’t predict how someone will respond to what you are going to say, and we worry that we might hurt, sadden, or anger that person. We are worried we might be ridiculed or shunned for speaking our true position, and we believe that shunning would be worse than the injustice we serve ourselves by not speaking truthfully(LITERALLY).

Sometimes it is pride that keeps us from saying what we truly want. We don’t want to admit how important something is to us. We can’t admit our vulnerability, because we don’t want to admit that we can’t function effectively without someone or something.  We don’t want to appear insufficient and we don’t want to appear weak.

Whatever the reason, it is time for our strange, unsuccessful patterns of communication to stop. It is time for our words to carry all the weight of our beliefs and desires. It is time for our actions to match our words, for our words to match our thoughts, and for our thoughts to be inspired by action. It is time for our lives to become literal manifestions of our hopes and dreams and failures and successes and fears and everything else. It is time to speak what we want to see happen in the world and in our lives and in our relationships, and then ACT to make those words a tangible reality.

Let’s do this together. I want to see a Living Revolution take place on this planet in my lifetime. I want to see equality and natural justice. I want to see Liberty in it’s purest form. I want to be a good father to my children. I want to love and respect my partner. I want to live so there will be no questioning what I believe to be true and right. What do you say? Drop a comment, or write me an email and tell me how we are going to change the world. Until next time…


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