The Jeff Peart Show!!

I recently enjoyed the privilege of appearing as a guest on The Jeff Peart Show . My friend Jeff created this podcast with his buddies Casey, and a man named either Greg or Gary. (The beard makes me think “Greg” everytime, sorry Gary!)

Jeff is a member at Crossfit Primal Energy, the gym where I coach. He and I enjoy sharing conversation when he attends class, and Jeff believes I am an interesting person. It is for this reason that Jeff invited me to be a guest on his podcast. This podcast is a new venture for Jeff, and he is working hard to make his show a worthwhile endeavor. I was excited to be the show’s first guest, and participate in my first podcast interview!

Jeff and I spoke a few times in the weeks previous to sitting down to record the podcast, exchanging ideas and putting together concepts for what Jeff wanted to include in the show. I’m grateful for Jeff’s creative spirit and gumption, for making every effort to ensure I was well-informed and well-prepared to participate in another interesting episode of The Jeff Peart Show. Check it out!!

The Jeff Peart Show Episode 4

These guys are all involved in other cool and creative projects!!

Find Jeff on Instagram and Twitter: @jeffpeart and  @jeffpeart

Find Gary and Casey on Twitter:  @grpaquin64 and @caseysince77

As always, thanks for reading my words, and for checking out The Jeff Peart Show and for participating in the Living Revolution! Until next time…



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