Train Safe #1 Assessment

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution 🙂

In this first installment of “Train Safe” posts, I’ll start at the very beginning. You have to know where you are, what the current state is, to begin to understand how to make change/improvement. In my opinion, the best way to start training safe is to assess first. I believe this holds true for anything, but we’ll stick with fitness for now :).

Assessment serves a few purpose, but more important than anything else, it is your first “action” step. Once you assess you are no longer simply dreaming about your goals. You are manifesting your intentions in reality. Your journey has begun! Now comes the fun part…

I suggest you assess in as many different ways as possible, as long as your assessment addresses the issue you are trying to fix or improve. Your assessment should mirror your issue, and it should provide information for how to begin “fixing” the issue. As a Crossfit coach, I use the template of the 10 general physical skills as a good starting place whenever I start with a new client or introduce someone new to the gym. An initial assessment should be as broad and general as possible, but should also provide some direction and information related to a more specific goal.

After an assessment, you have a wealth of data, the raw experience that will inform how you proceed. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What resources do you have at your disposal? What are the hinderances or challenges you face right now? Once you have this info you can begin building a plan, pooling your resources, seeking help from a subject matter expert, etc.

Do you have a mobility issue? You need to find where your end-range is, then work to improve from there. Do you want to be stronger tomorrow? You need to go pick up something heavy and find out how strong you are today. Do you have “extra” weight you need to get rid of?  You need to step on the scale, look reality in the face, get your head right and start making change. All these examples are “first steps” that will eventually lead to significant change, all initiated by the process of assessment.

You have goals waiting to be achieved. You have desires waiting to be fulfilled. You have wants and needs patiently waiting to be plucked out of the ephemera and manifested in real life. Why are you still holding back or waiting for tomorrow to begin? Go to the “Get Fit Here” page on the left sidebar and then send me a note so we can schedule your assessment and get you started on your fitness journey TODAY!!

As always, thank you for reading my words, and for participating in the Living Revolution! Until next time…






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