To #vanlife and New Adventures

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution 🙂

It’s Monday, and I’m sitting in an always-open coffeeshop, listening to first date conversation. This will be my first blog post since moving in to the van. I guess I can call it “The Van” since we haven’t officially named it. My wife Alix and I recently decided to scale back our lives and our physical space and move in to a 1986 G20 Chevy Get Away Van.  Our beautiful children, Tyler and Taylor had an awesome opportunity to spend an extended period of time with their biological mom, Jamie. This situation gave Alix and I an opportunity to shake up our lives a bit and do something different.

We’ve been “on the road”, living in Portland, in the van full-time,  for 3 weeks. We made a road trip to spend the weekend with my Mom in Redmond, and we spent a long weekend on the coast, cruising through a few towns on Highway 101, but other than that, we’ve been living in Portland proper that whole time. Already, we’ve slept and cooked and talked and fought and made-up and done laundry all in a space roughly the same size as your average bathroom. We’ve been hopping around town finding beautiful views and quiet places to sleep each night. We’ve been writing more and reading more and letting go of old patterns and inefficient mental models. Life is good :).

This somewhat ridiculous idea hatched in my head more than a year ago, and now that we are actually doing it, I’m a bit baffled by how unprepared AND opportunistic we have been so far. I’ve already locked the keys in the car, and left the lights on so long the battery died, TWICE. We’ve had a flat tire, the fridge in the van doesn’t really work, and just last night, we found the leak. The Van has a bed/table/closet combo and an amazing propane stove on which I can cook just about anything. Our situation is by no means perfect, but I am thoroughly enjoying the element of adventure that now pervades our daily life.

We’ve called on other people for help, and we’ve had some work done on The Van, and everyone has been super-duper helpful. Alix and I are also learning some tinkering tricks, and learning, both individually and together, how to figure out new problems. This may sound strange, but it feels nice to have something tangible to be “stressed out” about.  Or maybe it feels good to have something new to learn about and figure out. Regardless, life in The Van is far from boring, and it is keeping my mind busy.

My mind stays busy because I want to make sure this situation works out in a positive way. My mind stays busy because I want to live the life I want to live, and I want to extrapolate as much value from this experience as I can. My mind stays busy because I believe this lifestyle is a better way to live, a better way to need less and use less.

I’ll be updating this blog on a weekly basis, and I’ll delve further in to our experience, but I’m all done for right now. You might find something interesting in my words, so please check back often and read what I write. Both Alix and I are also visually documenting our #vanlife on Instagram, so check out our profiles and say “Hi”. Alix = @mysecretlysweet and of course mine is @livingrevolution. Thank you so much for reading my words, until next time…



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