How patient should I be?

how long do I make myself wait?

is less than enough really a way to live?

what make people think they want more?

what are we all saving for?

why doesn’t that appeal to me?


Am I a fool for believing we are all going to die?

is it dangerous to allow that truth to inform how I live?

will “not wanting more” be the end of what I know?

by not fitting in, have I sealed my fate?

is there farther to go before I reach the bottom?


will working two jobs do the trick?

will a new pair of shoes make me feel alright?

am I setting a good example for my kids?

does more alone time help or hurt my cause?


what is the worst that could happen?

how will I know if it’s worth it or not?

am I asking the right questions?

am I sending the right signals?

a I  using the right tools?


Are the stakes high enough or too high?


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