today, I did what I was supposed to do.

I felt in control of my destiny

i showed up for everyone, including myself.

tested just enough, connected just enough

detached just enough, well-fed, hydrated,

exercised, stretched, rested, bathed,

coached, trained, made the call,

caffeinated, conversed, made a plan

and followed it, flirted, ogled, flexed,

shared my knowledge, asked good questions,

touched gently, fought back, asserted myself

made the lift, saw eye to eye, took good notes,

said something nice, helped someone succeed,

paid my bills, solved a problem, asked for advice

set a date, checked the box, crossed it off my list.


I did everything i wanted to today

I moved the process forwad.

I took initiative and made important decicions

I was empathetic and energetic and expressive

I used emojis and I used my words

put away my clothes and played with my dog

ate the right kind of food for the kind of

work i needed to do, avoided additction again

I was responsibly irresponsible, i risked

for glory, i inspired, i succeeded and completed

I felt my breath and felt my strength,

and I felt the edge of my abilities and

i used intelligent restraint and I felt myself

keep pace and I felt myself let go and I felt

myself contract and expand instead of contract and

relax. I’m in the mood to do the work and

get shit done.

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