Seeing new faces intrigues me and piques my curiosity regarding the human condition

Seeing new places intrigues me and reminds me how sheltered I am in my little corner of the Universe.

Staring in to someone else’s eyes wondering how they let themselves go so far down that dark road of self-destruction, brings sadness in to my soul.

I wonder who hurt them, I wonder who told them they were worthless, I wonder who told them they didn’t deserve better.

Self-destruction happens at different speeds, the ones taking it slow baffle me the most.

Just a little bit worse every day is the antithesis of how I exist and witnessing this ignites and quiet, subtle rage inside me.

This burning is the fire I’ll use to purify myself, the fire I’ll use to destroy the weakest parts of me, the fire that will light a candle to guide others back to the way we used to be.

Thicker skin, better posture, tighter waistline, less excuses. Simple focus, driven and disciplined, eager and willing to push themselves, test their limits, finding their center, crushing the ego beneath the desire to transform, reach higher and EVOLVE.

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