Us Few

What we are trying to achieve has changed. A few people are remembering the value of hard work and personal intent. A few people are working to understand a better way, working to find others who understand, working to turn the tide.

Society is beginning to understand the calamity of living in a culture like this. We are beginning to understand the malady of living in a culture like this. Us few are recognizing the lack of rational though, the lack of rational effort, the lack of intention and direction.

Our culture has convinced us we need to be individuals, but robs us of the tools necessary to take care of ourselves. the dominant paradigm is purposefully unaware. distracted, medicated, relatively ignorant, generally avoiding challenges and hard work.

All the study’s have shown…all the research indicates…all the warning labels scream at us…and most of us can’t be bothered to make a decision and commit to action.


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