Find A Good Rhythm

Culture is changing in powerful ways, all around us. What was once “standard” has been rendered obsolete. We can see possibility and potential in the near future, but we still have much work to do. Here is the encouragement I offer you…

We are all familiar with natural cycles. The sun rises and sets. Our breath comes in and goes out. The rhythm of your heartbeat gives a steady reminder that to be alive is to experience change, every moment. We are all born, and we will all die, and our bodies will decompose, while our souls will return to the Unknown from whence we came.

To understand one’s own mortality is to understand that everything is impermanent. To understand impermanence is to recognize the beauty and value in every moment. To understand the beauty in every moment is to live with intention, to live with effort, to constantly work to make every moment of your existence as valuable as possible. When we live with this mindset, we are better able to see value in the people around us; we are better able to recognize the beauty in our circumstances; we are more prepared to accept ALL that we experience as important and necessary.

The encouragement I offer you today is seek out that which provides a sense of Truth and Reality. Seek out that which makes you think hard and inspires you to work hard, daily. Find the natural rhythms that shake your soul, that light a fire in your heart, that bring out your best effort.

This culture will continue to change, and we will be those who set these new wheels in motion. My encouragement to you is to be one of those who embraces the discomfort of change, with the understanding that it won’t always be hard, but also with the understanding that it is because of the hard work that the best changes happen.

Until next time…Peace.Tobias.


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