The Test

  For those of you still wondering if this is a test; You’re damn right it’s a test. 

  This pandemic, these protests, this international call for fundamental change have brought out the best and worst in our species. The best in us displayed empathy and compassion for others who were oppressed or sick or both. The worst in us found simple ways to focus attention on themselves because they staunchly refused to participate, even on the “off-chance” they could save someone’s life with their actions. The best in us rallied together, stood up for each other, and amplified voices that have been unheard for too long. The worst in us declared property and enforcement more important than Black Lives, and tried to keep the conversation about protocol and profits, rather than respecting the health and power of the People. 

 The line that separates these viewpoints has much to do with how we think about community.  The theme of community runs deep through one perspective, and is found sorely lacking on the other side of the conversation. One perspective provides inclusivity, freedom of expression, and equal human rights for everyone, while the other offers ignorance, hate and injustice.  It is clear to me then, that the issue at hand is a difference in how people participate in, and contribute to their COMMUNITIES. 

  This might come as a surprise to you, but human beings are truly fucking it up right now.  We are a species that has devised numerous ways to justify killing each other. We have such powerful brains, and all we can think to do with abstract thought is create solutions for problems we don’t have and call it “progress”. We have removed ourselves so far from the natural cycles that govern this planet, that we cannot fathom how we should interact with the natural environment. Rather than using our ingenuity to continue on the path of evolution, adapting positively and symbiotically with our environment, we have predominantly selected convenience and comfort, DEvolving as we succumb to “lifestyle diseases”. None of these ways of behaving are byproducts of thriving communities, and none of these behaviors are permitted in thriving communities. It is time for significant change. 

  Population density has us stacked on top of each other, but not knowing each other’s names. It is insanity that we don’t understand how our communities are impacted by collective individual action. It is insanity that we don’t understand our place in the natural world, or our reliance on the finite natural resources of this planet. We have more than enough, yet we waste our abundance. We have plenty to share, yet we canonize athletes, entertainers and businessmen who amass grotesque amounts of wealth while millions suffer needlessly in poverty. It is all really quite depressing and tragic.

  If you’ve read this far, you are now more aware. Perhaps you feel a tightness in your stomach, perhaps you feel a scowl across your face, perhaps your hands are clenched in fists. These are all subconscious reactions to something you dislike. The last two paragraphs of chaos have, perhaps, struck a nerve, and you can feel the negativity expressed in those words. This is important, because now you have the smallest notion of why we need a new and better way of existing. 

  This might come as a surprise to you, but human beings have a great opportunity right now. As a global community, it is imperative to our survival that we do better. As individuals, our active participation in our local community is imperative to our survival. As a global community, it is imperative that we work together to care for and be good stewards of this planet. As individuals, it is imperative we understand the far-reaching impact of our choices and actions, and start living and existing with a more intense consideration for our local and global community. 

  Your choices about how you eat, sleep, train, read, text, spend, etc. are all opportunities to begin the shift toward a better you and a better tomorrow.  A strong commitment to personal responsibility and a community-focused positive intention will keep your heart and mind open to other opportunities for creating a better you and a better tomorrow. It is imperative that you understand your role in this cultural shift, and take an active part in consistently finding new ways to improve yourself and improve your community. It is imperative that you work hard to contribute something meaningful and give back to the community that supports you. 

  I know that may sound vague, and it’s meant to. Each of us have different interests and purposes and strengths and weaknesses. Each of us is seeking different interactions and experiences. Your community might be a gym, while mine might be a book club. Your intent might be to start a compost/gardening club, while mine might be sharing a grass-fed beef co-op. The point is that even though we have different ideas about how to exist, we aren’t at odds with each other. The point is that your community and mine might not be the same, but we can still understand and respect each other, as we are, ultimately, both participants in the global community. The point is that we are all responsible for how we participate in our communities, and if your behavior is disruptive, disrespectful or harmful to the community, you will experience negative consequences. We are all responsible for how we contribute to our communities, and if your behavior is wasteful or detracts from the health and vitality of the community, you will experience negative consequences. These precepts are as old as intelligent life on this planet. We strayed from The Path, but we have an opportunity now to return to the Natural Order. 

  This transition will not be easy or simple. Most likely, the old structures will be dismantled and replaced, and this will only happen through the intense effort and dedication of people like you and I. Many of us will not live long enough to see the change that results from our effort. But, we understand our place in the infinite line of souls who have spent time here on planet Earth, doing our best to help mankind “level up”. Our duty is to continue spreading The Message through whatever channels are available to us. Our duty is to continue seeking out The Test and continue working to create answers that display compassion, empathy, understanding and love.

  As always, thank you for reading my words and participating in the Living Revolution. 

 Until next time…Peace.Tobias.

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