The Way We Think About Health is Changing

 The way this culture thinks about health is changing. And it’s just in time too. We, Humans, have been made overwhelmingly aware of our lack of health. The recent pandemic is making that clear. We are beginning to see that health includes so much more than six pack abs and calorie counting. What we are seeing played out in front of us, is a complete lack of understanding about what makes us ill and what keeps us healthy. More confusing than that, we don’t even have a solid definition for what health IS. 

  Or do we? A simple definition states “a lack of disease”. Right. We know there is so much more than just a lack of some malady or illness. Shouldn’t it be more like “thriving and adaptable”? Shouldn’t it be more like “joyful and exuberant”? Shouldn’t we be striving toward evolution and growth? Shouldn’t it be more like “purpose, meaning, commitment”?

  We are beginning to understand that many of the health problems we experience are actually symptoms of underlying causes. We are beginning to understand there is no simple solution, and medications with numerous side effects are not the answer. We are beginning to see the connection between diseases that result from lifestyle factors and a society of people who don’t know how to take care of themselves.

  The social problems we face are systemic.The health problems we face at the individual level are systemic. That means if there is going to be any kind of change, the system must change. This statement holds true when applied on a grand scale, like the government and culture of the United States, but it also applies on the much smaller scale of the individual. For change to manifest, it will take each individual person making the choice to live a better life and work to improve the world around them. It will take each individual person looking inside themselves and committing to create a better version of themselves. It will take each of us choosing to think deeper, act with intention, imbue our existence with meaning. It will take each of us opening our minds, broadening our perspectives, working hard to undo the negative narrative we’ve learned and taking action to replace it with something positive and productive. 

  Here is where our work needs to start. There are four components that can contribute to health. These aspects of humanity, when applied in concert, provide ample opportunity to live a fulfilling, productive life. They are broad areas, but each has multitudes that can be honed through awareness, effort and purpose. The four components are: your physical body, your mental mind, your emotional feelings, and your spiritual center. They can be grouped as a hierarchy, but none is more or less important than the rest. They can be focused on individually, but work on any one of these also produces improvement in the others. The first two are INTRAPERSONAL, meaning the work you do is focused internally; you working with yourself. The last two are INTERPERSONAL, meaning the work you do is focused externally; you work with other people. 

  I’m sure you can grasp how the state of the world would improve if we ALL spent more time focusing on improving ourselves in each of these aspects of humanity. I’m sure you can understand how seeking improvement is a natural byproduct of increased awareness. Increased awareness comes from a desire to understand reality and pursue truth, even if it requires significant, uncomfortable change.

 I’m sure you believe, like I do, that change is possible and necessary, and once you have this understanding, you are compelled to say something to someone, to do something, to take action. But where to start? 

  First, find people who are working toward similar goals. Find people who are seeking to understand, and yearning to grow. Find people who speak about a better way of doing things, and then live that way too. Then, begin doing the work. The context may vary, but in all things, action creates experience. Experience provides the opportunity to learn and adapt; necessary processes that produce effective change. That’s it. A simple formula. To create improvement, find people who will help you grow and get to work!

  Your health is a valuable resource that provides you innumerable possibilities for fantastic experiences. This is what it means to live a fulfilling life. The work begins with you, and you have within you all the strength and courage you need to pursue the necessary change. 

Thank you for reading these words. Until next time…



Find A Good Rhythm

Culture is changing in powerful ways, all around us. What was once “standard” has been rendered obsolete. We can see possibility and potential in the near future, but we still have much work to do. Here is the encouragement I offer you…

We are all familiar with natural cycles. The sun rises and sets. Our breath comes in and goes out. The rhythm of your heartbeat gives a steady reminder that to be alive is to experience change, every moment. We are all born, and we will all die, and our bodies will decompose, while our souls will return to the Unknown from whence we came.

To understand one’s own mortality is to understand that everything is impermanent. To understand impermanence is to recognize the beauty and value in every moment. To understand the beauty in every moment is to live with intention, to live with effort, to constantly work to make every moment of your existence as valuable as possible. When we live with this mindset, we are better able to see value in the people around us; we are better able to recognize the beauty in our circumstances; we are more prepared to accept ALL that we experience as important and necessary.

The encouragement I offer you today is seek out that which provides a sense of Truth and Reality. Seek out that which makes you think hard and inspires you to work hard, daily. Find the natural rhythms that shake your soul, that light a fire in your heart, that bring out your best effort.

This culture will continue to change, and we will be those who set these new wheels in motion. My encouragement to you is to be one of those who embraces the discomfort of change, with the understanding that it won’t always be hard, but also with the understanding that it is because of the hard work that the best changes happen.

Until next time…Peace.Tobias.


The Pause

Hello Friends, welcome to the Living Revolution.

If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that we are never going back to “normal”. Humanity has changed in significant ways during “the pause”. People are beginning to understand, again, what it means to share a community, and the community we share is our Planet.

This pandemic has brought out the best, and worst, in people. These diametrically opposed states of mind are on display for all Humanity to witness. Collectively, we see the amazing potential people can access when they are forced to overcome terrible circumstances. We also see the depravity of people unable to think rationally, acting only for their own self-interest, unable to escape the grip of fear and ignorance.

I’ll not tire you by repeating every meme I’ve seen addressing how this pandemic will effect some people positively and some people negatively, and some people will learn how to bake a pie, and some people will suffer spousal abuse, and some people will get rich making online porn and some people will lose their business and personal savings.

If you are stuck on thinking how this effects individual people, you aren’t seeing the big picture. What we need to concern ourselves with, is how this “pause” is impacting Humanity. The global economy will surely be different when we “open up” again. We can surely improve how government works to serve it’s constituents, and perhaps it’s time for a shift in how we govern ourselves. We now know that the way we exist is unhealthy, destructive, and unsustainable. This “pause” is giving us a beautiful opportunity to see our faults and failures and begin working to correct them, post haste!

Change begins with awareness. Once we are aware of a problem, we are obligated to create a solution.  Abstract problem-solving, (our ability to create novel solutions), is a defining aspect of what makes us Human. We will all need to use this skill as we navigate a post-pandemic world. I encourage you to think hard about the media you consume and create. I encourage you to use this time for improvement, whatever that means to you. I encourage you to avoid the “victim mindset”, and avoid complaining about your situation. Put your energy toward creating solutions and making something happen.

We will get through this, but it is unclear what the world will look like after COVID-19. I’m writing this blog to keep track of the days, and to have something to look back on. If my words inspire you, please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Until next time…


Us Few

What we are trying to achieve has changed. A few people are remembering the value of hard work and personal intent. A few people are working to understand a better way, working to find others who understand, working to turn the tide.

Society is beginning to understand the calamity of living in a culture like this. We are beginning to understand the malady of living in a culture like this. Us few are recognizing the lack of rational though, the lack of rational effort, the lack of intention and direction.

Our culture has convinced us we need to be individuals, but robs us of the tools necessary to take care of ourselves. the dominant paradigm is purposefully unaware. distracted, medicated, relatively ignorant, generally avoiding challenges and hard work.

All the study’s have shown…all the research indicates…all the warning labels scream at us…and most of us can’t be bothered to make a decision and commit to action.


Change to stay the same

What am I trying to prove? Nothing.

What am I trying to achieve? Nothing.

What am I trying to avoid? Nothing.

What am I trying to remember? Nothing.

What am I trying to keep? Nothing.

What am I trying to escape? Nothing.

What am I trying to…


The longer I practice these ideas,

simplicity, frugality, dissent, non-conformity, physicality, isolation,

the more I realize the only right way

is the way that works for you.

The practice of evolution takes to long,

the practice of adaptation happens now.

Stop talking about what can be better

start working toward what can be better

Stop living a life that kills your soul,

make the choice, take the chance,

love to fail, learn to grow


what I’m finding now is my way back

what I’m find now is a voice, no longer choked back by smoke.


what I’m learning now is what I want, I must earn.

what I’m learning now is that I can define truth and what it means for me.


what I’m seeing now is a clarity I’ve longed for, but couldn’t achieve.

what I’m working for now is the freedom to do the work I feel called to do.


what I’m looking for is authenticity, from myself as much as from you.

what I’m looking for is a release from this meatsuit, transcendence.


what I’m feeling is open and vulnerable

what I’m feeling is my feelings

what I’m feeling is what its like to be you.


what I know is not very much

what I know is not enough


what I’m talking about is worth listening to

what I’m saying is all stuff that’s been said before.


what I’m here for is everything you’ve got.