Goals of my Youth

The goals of my youth have faded I never thought about what I might want in “the future”. Now here I am.   The goals of my youth have been transformed what I want is to change the world and live to enjoy the future. Now, here I am.   The goals of my youth … Continue reading

Keep Your Mouth Shut???

Not asking questions is what got me in trouble in the first place I’ll still write a poem telling you what I think   Not telling the truth is what got me in trouble in the first place I still won’t trust you until I understand what you are thinking   Not saying the right … Continue reading

Does it matter to you there are holes in my shoes? What does it feel like to feel something most people want to avoid?   What does it mean that I’ve built this life for myself? What is living like this the life I’ve chosen for myself?   Why is “different” what I want to … Continue reading


It seems like every week there is a new level A new challenge that keeps me getting a good grip and holding on for dear life and I pull it off meaning, I haven’t gone hungry or worn dirty clothes or felt anymore cold than what I allow myself to feel   So, how do … Continue reading

Show Up, Do Work

I’m learning that trying to make myself tough reduces my ability to create I’m learning the difference between existing and optimizing I’m learning when I should test myself more and when I should let myself grow I’m learning that there are rules for how to be good at life Rule #1: Show Up  Rule #2: … Continue reading


How patient should I be? how long do I make myself wait? is less than enough really a way to live? what make people think they want more? what are we all saving for? why doesn’t that appeal to me?   Am I a fool for believing we are all going to die? is it … Continue reading