loose ends

like the bit of celery stuck in your back teeth tickling your tongue and tonsils like the end of a joint, pinched between quarters burning lips and fingers like a suicide note, written but never sent an eternal “what if” like never saying the words you meant and never getting another chance like memories that … Continue reading


today, I did what I was supposed to do. I felt in control of my destiny i showed up for everyone, including myself. tested just enough, connected just enough detached just enough, well-fed, hydrated, exercised, stretched, rested, bathed, coached, trained, made the call, caffeinated, conversed, made a plan and followed it, flirted, ogled, flexed, shared … Continue reading

on the right path

stuff that I used to feel, I don’t feel anymore I don’t pick my teeth anymore, am i less stressed? I’m moving at a new pace, I’m making new plans I’m taking time for myself, I’m learning how to say what I mean, I’ve leaving fear behind I’m saying what is, and understanding more the … Continue reading

not much to write about

I like not having much to write about I feel the settling more and more some parts are falling and landing differently than i imagined other parts, I never imagined. filling in holes I didn’t perceive thinking lots of thoughts but not as much action right now, but that’s okay. I’m having more conversations, I’m … Continue reading


The downs always come back up on the day or hour or week finding my rhythm is the trick finding the trick to help me control my rhythm   control isn’t what I want but oddly, it is what i’m always working on checking my impulse talking myself down holding on to what I’ve got … Continue reading

paying off

keeping track is paying off asking for help is paying off crying more is paying off asking more questions is paying off training more is paying off politely saying no is paying off holding back is paying off planning ahead is paying off taking it slow is paying off trusting my gut is paying off … Continue reading