Slowing Down

Slowing down enough to let the words move from my brain to my hand taking a breath between thoughts this pause that doesn’t really exist   Feeling out of practice with keeping a schedule a lack of discipline that I can’t allow The chaos of my freedom breeds hedonism The irony of  a Zen hedonist … Continue reading

On OverThinking

I’m thinking too much again. Trying hard to have all the answers. Mostly for other people, but also for myself. I want to know that I’ve got this all figure out. I want to understand  what I’m doing here. I want to believe that this all makes sense. The tendency for my mind to wander, … Continue reading

Return of the Rant

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution 🙂 Trying to make this blog fit into a nice little box has been a struggle of mine for many years. I usually post rants and raves about topics that are near and dear to my heart and mind, but they usually end up being “opinions” that may … Continue reading

The Jeff Peart Show!!

I recently enjoyed the privilege of appearing as a guest on The Jeff Peart Show . My friend Jeff created this podcast with his buddies Casey, and a man named either Greg or Gary. (The beard makes me think “Greg” everytime, sorry Gary!) Jeff is a member at Crossfit Primal Energy, the gym where I coach. … Continue reading