Permission Granted

I’m totally not sure how things go from here, with so many people counting on me, expecting me to always be the thing I am most of the time. Is it pride or ego to defend my decisions? Is there a right way to live? Isn’t effort enough? A quote rings in my head, “There … Continue reading

I Can Feel

I can feel the upswing coming I can feel the upswing coming and I can feel myself holding my breath I can feel myself holding my breath and I can see the good coming to me I can see the good coming to me and I constantly remind myself to stay humble I constantly remind … Continue reading

Under Red Light

Why is it ironic for me to find solace in chaos? what does it mean that I find my inner quiet, surrounded by all the noise? Is it odd my pen flows freely when I don’t need to stop and think. But, then I remember I’m just warming up. I love the way red light … Continue reading


Not considering the past, but remembering with tear-filled eyes. There are things I must do to live, Breathe, move, feed, fight, fuck. Not too much has changed, and the Universe around me remains in flux. What is it we look back on? Our fear, our loss, our anger, our war? “Do you remember where you … Continue reading

Energy Cannot Be Destroyed

Understanding that nothing really ends knowing that my choice was authentic doing the math, solving the equation, even if I may not like the answer harnessing my grief, working it out allowing what I feel to flow through me channeling my hurt to move, even if I might not like where I go. Believing all … Continue reading

Too Much to Ask

Inadequate.   Inept.   Insufficient. Out.                   In.          Out. Where does a person’s worth come from? When did we learn to hate ourselves? When did we learn to fear each other?   We hold so tightly to tradition our ancestors history is so important used to … Continue reading