New Year’s Update 2016!!

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution ūüôā

This is my first blog post of 2016, and I am happy to have LOTS to write about. Resolutions are not something I do anymore, but I did start this year mindful of a few significant changes I want to make in my life, and in the world around me. I am focused intently on developing¬†myself as a person and¬†developing¬†my career as a coach. I am focused intently on continuing to challenge myself to find new ways to positively contribute to my community. I am focused intently on immersing myself in the process of evolution, in an effort to tap in to parts of “me” still lurking in the shadows of my psyche. This will be another amazing year to exist, and I am looking forward to buying the ticket and taking the ride!!

I started off 2016 on the right foot by participating in an amazing¬†fundraising event at Crossfit Primal Energy. On January 2nd, the community of Crossfit Primal Energy, as well as members from a few other Crossfit boxes in Portland joined forces to participate in a long, hard WOD called “The Long Ladder of Doom” and collect cash, food and clothes to support homeless Veterans in Portland.¬†It baffles and saddens me that there are members of the Veteran community who must suffer through homelessness and the myriad of challenges that go along with living “on the street”, and when I found out there was something I could do to help, I jumped at the opportunity. This event was an outstanding success, raising more than $1000, and donating more than 200lbs of dry goods and 30 winter jackets!! I was amazed at the outpouring of support from the Crossfit community, and I am so grateful to be able to positively impact the lives of those less fortunate than myself.

This year, I am excited about finding new and interesting ways to keep myself motivated and inspired by the work I do. To that end, I will be developing and hosting a seminar series titled “Posture, Position and Performance”. This seminar will focus on functional movement, corrective exercise and mobility, and improved quality of life. I will begin scheduling dates for this seminar at the end of January, so if you are reading this, and you (or someone you know) are interested in hosting a seminar please contact me directly for more information. (Email inquiries to

Next weekend, I will be participating in an awesome Crossfit competition hosted by Oregon Crossfit in Bend, Oregon. I will be competing in the Team division with my good buddy Joe Beck (find him on Instagram @metaphysicalfitnesspdx). He and I have been training hard, and we are both excited to test ourselves against some of the best Crossfit athletes in the Northwest! If you happen to be in Bend on January 16th and 17th, swing by the event center at The Riverhouse and catch us in action. Want more details on the comp? Check it out HERE .

Finally, I plan to make some changes to this blog in the coming year, in an effort to find more focus for my writing. I will retain this blog, but the content will be more focused on my experiences as a coach and other fitness-related topics. The second blog will be more focused on matters related to my personal life, including psychology, relationships, philosophy, etc. I encourage you all to pay attention to both sites, and hopefully find something that will help you improve your daily life, and perhaps the lives of others around you as well.

This is going to be a big year, in so many ways. I’d love to hear what your plans are for making the next 12 months to best they can be. I’d love to hear what your plans are for making yourself great in the next 12 months. Let’s get on the same wavelength and see what we can do to positively change the world around us!! As always, thank you for reading my words, and for participating in the Living Revolution :).

Until next time…Peace.Tobias.



Work Hard, Find Yourself

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution ūüôā

We are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled program this week. This week marks the beginning of the 2015 Crossfit Open. It marks the 8th year of the Crossfit Games as an organization, and the 4th year of the Crossfit Open. If you aren’t familiar with these competitions, I’ll leave some links at the bottom. I suggest you educate yourself ūüôā

This competition season also marks the 5th year since I began my journey with Crossfit. At some point, we’ll get in to that whole story, but that isn’t what I want talk about today. Today I want to talk about the importance of testing yourself as a means of self discovery.
¬†You can see this in the microcosm of every box around the world where people pit themselves daily against the barbell and against the clock. You can see this in the macrocosm of the Crossfit Games where international athletes gather to find out who can do the most work in a weekend. ¬†This entire movement is about finding out what you are made of. There is no other event in the world like the Crossfit Open. Participants from 100’s of different countries battle against each other to find the limits of physical and mental fitness, and to find out who will be named “Fittest on Earth”.
Crossfit has turned in to a phenomenon. I was watching behind the scenes clips and motivational clips from  the 2014 games this morning, and this program has turned into an international gathering of athletes, supporters, admirers, and sponsors. Elite level athletes are signing endorsement deals and signing autographs. Like it or not, Crossfit is a Thing. We can watch people exercise on ESPN, and it really is a big deal!!
Crossfit began as a program for Operators and First Responder’s. The kind of fitness developed by early Crossfit workouts was functional and it correlated well with the kinds of jobs that required a ridiculous volume of work, high levels of endurance, and the ability to focus under duress. Think about Special Ops warfighters, or inner-city SWAT team members. The mentality required to perform some of the “original” WOD’S correlated well with these “high intensity” professions. This kind of training conveniently packaged the concept of mental fortitude and psychological toughness and made it available to “the masses”.
As more people found out about the Crossfit Method, and as the organization grew, Greg Glassman began issuing challenges at his gym in southern California. He wanted to find the toughest and the fittest and the most durable. He wanted to find the fastest, the strongest, the most resilient. A few people stepped up and said they would test themselves against the program Glassman created. Greg Amundson and Annie Sakamoto are two names that always come to mind, and I am sure you can find a few more if you really look hard. These few became known as “Firebreathers”. Their goal was to find the “most fit”. Their goal was train for the unknown and also the “unknowable”. Their intent was to create a system that could effectively prepare a person for ANY physical challenge or endeavor. All aspects of fitness were considered, generally described ¬†in the 10 components of fitness. It was suggested that the person who could perform best in each of these categories would be considered ¬†the “most fit”.¬†
How could someone be good at ALL these things? How could someone train in such a way as perform competently at ANY physical task? How was it possible to devise a system that sought to “punish the specialist”?¬† Were there people who sought out their weaknesses and worked to make them their strengths? Were their people who were willing to place themselves in difficult and uncomfortable situations, simply to see if they possessed the physical and mental character to not only survive, but to to thrive?¬†
The simple answer ¬†is “YES”. And they came in droves! People around the world began following “Mainsite” ( and performing the “Workout of the Day”. People started constructing home gyms in their garages and backyards. Videos began showing up on Youtube and slowly but surely, the movement began to grow. The first Crossfit Games was held on a small ranch in southern California, and was an “invite-only” event. There were roughly 200 athletes, and a man named James Fitzgerald was crowned “Fittest Man on Earth”. In the eight years since, the sport (and the community) grew exponentially. This year the Crossfit Games will be held at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, and it is estimated that more than 250,000 people worldwide will compete in the 2015 Crossfit Open.¬†
Whether you are a hopeful Games athlete, or you simply seek to stay fit and active as you age, Crossfit provides the template for self-discovery through hard work.  Through the competitive template of the Crossfit Open, we are able to test ourselves against each other and against the clock. More importantly, we are provided the opportunity to test ourselves against OURSELVES. We find our limits,  then we choose how to proceed from there. Can you push a bit harder? Can you lift a bit heavier? Can you continue moving just a bit longer? These are questions no one else can answer. I am looking forward to learning more about myself this year as I compete in the 2015 Crossfit Open. If you are competing or participating in the Open this year, I would love to hear your Crossfit story!! Drop me a line at or leave a comment here!
As always, thank you for reading my words and for participating in the Living Revolution!! Until next time…Peace.Tobias.

Priorities and Sacrifices

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution ūüôā

Happy February! We made it through the first month of 2015, and we are rolling right along! To everyone who started a new process, started chasing a new dream, or found their passion this year, I commend you, and I encourage you to keep up the good work! At the¬†end of the first month, what changes have already taken place? What data¬†do you have from the past 30 days, and how are you going to use that information to continue your process and build on your success in the coming months? Lifestyle change isn’t always simple, and sometimes change can be challenging. To be successful, we need to develop positive strategies and behaviors that contribute to, rather than detract from, our success. To that end, I want to talk today about how we make choices, how we prioritize our time and energy and the “sacrifices” we make to achieve our desired results.

As a frequent observer of human behavior, I am often struck by how people make decisions, and how people react to the choices they make. I see people in the gym all the time who show up 10 minutes late to class, socialize instead of pay attention, and then whine about how sore they are or what they see on the whiteboard. They seem generally unhappy and their presence greatly disrupts the flow and tone of my class. I am always curious about how these people function in other aspects on their lives, and I wonder if they consider the fact that while it is a positive behavior to show up to the gym, the rest of that negativity and unpleasantness greatly detracts from any forward progress that may have been achieved.

By contrast, I also see people who arrive 15 minutes early, spend 10 minutes mobilizing before class, encourage other members through their workout, and generally contribute positive energy whenever they attend my classes. These people aren’t always the fittest, they aren’t always the fastest, they aren’t always on top of their game. But they don’t let the challenges they face break their spirit. They don’t let their struggles and problems bleed in to all aspects of their lives. They recognize the beauty of the process, they recognize the value of discipline, they understand how to prioritize their time, and they show a willingness to “make sacrifices” to achieve their goals.

When we think about sacrifices, we typically think about giving up something we really want to get something we are trying to convince ourselves we want. This is a silly premise to start with, because¬†every choice is a “sacrifice”. Every time we choose something, by default we can’t choose something else. The words we use to describe this equation are what get us in some serious trouble. When we talk about living a healthy lifestyle, or changing behavior in any way, we talk about “giving up” something (sugar, caffeine, porn, etc.) because that object is preventing us from getting something we really want. It may taste good or feel good, but you¬†know you¬†can’t do what ¬†you REALLY want to do if this “something” stays in your life. Using this terminology immediately imbues this conversation with a negative connotation, and we convince ourselves that it really is a “struggle” to avoid cookies, or to drink black coffee instead of a 36oz mocha, or to read a book instead of surfing the web for porn. You tell yourself it will be “hard” to do without these things, but¬†you tell yourself you can manage because you REALLY want to lose a couple pounds, or not be such a hyper spazz, or you would like to have a relationship with a real person instead of your computer screen. People fail at this all the time, and I think it is because instead of turning their attention towards their new PRIORITIES, they refuse¬†to shift their mindset from focusing on sacrifice, and they get stuck.

When we prioritize something, we put our attention toward that thing. We focus, we concentrate, we engage, we emphasize. Take a quick minute right now and look up “sacrifice” and “prioritize”. Go ahead, I’ll wait… isn’t it interesting that these two words are basically opposites that mean the same thing? If we prioritize any behavior, by default we can’t do anything else. Instead of focusing on what we are giving up (sacrificing), we put our energy towards the choice we made and the behavior we perform.¬†¬†If we choose to make something or someone important, then we make time for them. Period. If we talk about things we want to do, then those words must be expressed in action, or the words are null and void. Placing value on priorities allows you to look forward in a process, rather than constantly looking back to remind yourself all the stuff you “sacrificed” to be where you are now. Do you understand the difference?

We have so many¬†opportunities to pay attention to how we live and what we do. We have limitless opportunities to choose something to improve. How does each decision¬†build on the previous? How do patterns present themselves and repeat themselves? How do those little parts of the process add up to something larger or more profound? The idea I’m talking about here is complex and it requires effort and it forces us to choose what our priorities are, and it forces us to live what we believe. Here’s an idea: let’s make choices in life based off what we want and what will bring us the most happiness. Try it. Pursue activities that make you¬†feel alive. ¬†Do stuff that makes you¬†use your body and mind in all the myriad ways Nature intended. Choose to interact, choose to reach out, choose to connect.¬†¬†When we focus on the joy in the decisions we make, rather than decrying all the stuff we are missing out on, we are able to find happiness easier. Yes, it is true there will be stuff you miss out on, we can’t do everything, all the time. However,¬†we can PRIORITIZE what will bring us happiness. We can choose to be happy with our struggle, let go of our “sacrifices”, and relish the small accomplishments that add up to large success.

Here is a cool article that ties in well with what I’m talking about here, check it out: The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat

I’d love to hear how you are progressing in the New Year so drop me a few lines and let’s start a conversation! What are you prioritizing this year? Let me know! As always, thank you for reading my words, and for participating in the Living Revolution!! Until next time…



Inspiring Loyal Believers

Hello and welcome to the Living Revolution ūüôā

A large part of my role as a Crossfit coach is to promote what I believe and show my clients and gym members what works for me, namely the benefits of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I use my education, experience and a healthy dose of experimentation to share what I know, and convince others they need what I am trying to give them. How I present myself to other people, and how I create connections, and ultimately, how I make a living, are all contingent on how well I establish a foundation of authenticity. Authenticity and transparency are two attributes that help create loyal believers and I want to talk a bit about how loyal believers are the foundation of any successful movement or process.

I started the year with a rant, and while it feels good to get that off my chest, I’m going to downshift this week, and start a discussion about how we inspire each other, and how that inspiration turns in to a process, and how that process eventually helps us achieve our desired results.¬†For any movement to be successful, or for any process to produce results, the individual participating in that process must be a loyal believer in the process, and that loyalty must be inspired by leaders who choose to set a positive (albeit not perfect) example. As a movement gains momentum, the followers continue to observe a leader’s actions and behaviors, and if authenticity is maintained, the likelihood of those followers “drinking the Kool-Aid” and committing to the process grows exponentially. No matter what kind of process or movement you are involved with, we all need mentors or provocateurs with good intentions to push us in to new and uncomfortable territory because we so rarely have the gumption to go to those places on our own.

We all struggle when confronting the part of ourselves we need to change. When the struggle becomes too much, it is appropriate to ask someone else for help, motivation, and information. I hear gripes and whines and excuses all the time about how “difficult” it is to make time for training. I hear moans and groans about how “hard” it is to eat enough protein, or sleep more than 5 hours a night, or drink 64 oz of water in one day. I love hearing these gripes and moans because this shared struggle is one way connection and community are established, and helping people find solutions to these challenges is what makes my job so interesting and exciting!! On a daily basis, I strive to create a community of people who practice encouraging each other. On a daily basis, I thrive on creating an atmosphere in our gym where anything less that your 100% is unacceptable, where there is no qualifying your effort as long as you are committed to the process. On a daily basis, I am rewarded when I see people overcome challenges, build mental and physical strength, and achieve their goals.

As you continue to forge a path in this New Year, I encourage to ask yourself if you are a loyal believer. Do you observe you current health status and your current physical abilities and decide that maintenance and optimal performance are optional? If your physical body and the duties you are able to perform contribute to your self-image and self-worth, I encourage you to commit your time and effort and consciousness  to process of making yourself better today than you were yesterday. As you evaluate the goals you are chasing and the processes you are involved in, ask yourself if what you are chasing with change your lifestyle in a positive way. Are you committed to being better today, in some way, than you were yesterday?

Answer these questions, and then shoot me few lines and let me know how you are progressing in this New Year. I look forward to hearing from you :). As always, thank you for reading my words, and for participating in the Living Revolution!!

Until next time…Peace.Tobias.

excess doesn’t = success, success doesn’t mean excess

Hello, and welcome to the Living Revolution ūüôā

  I taught two Crossfit classes this morning, starting at the unholy hour of 515am. There is a very short list of activities I enjoy participating in at 515am, and teaching Crossfit classes is actually on that list.  I do this a few mornings a week, because I love it. I love that there are people who are crazy enough (and dedicated enough) to show up every morning and brace themselves against the rest of the day with a bout of intense exercise. I love being the first person in the gym. I love how quiet it is early in the morning, and how still it feels in the gym. I love writing the workout on the board, and then mentally rehearsing drills, points of performance and cues for the movements we are programming that day. I love coaching because it is something I am learning to be good at, and I am learning to be good at coaching because I love the work I do.

Strangely enough, I sat down to write today with the intent of complaining and whining about why I don’t get paid enough for what I do. This led to me complaining and whining about how I don’t get paid enough at my “job”. This led to a short(but frantic) Google search for part-time jobs, and being faced with the stark reality of the current job market. Which led to me complaining and whining about…you get the idea. But, when I sat down here to get all that out of my head, the above paragraph is what came out. The irony is not lost on me.

It is hard for me to describe why I struggle so hard with the idea of financial “success”. I get ideas twisted in my head, and somehow marry the ideas of happiness and success to financial gain, and¬†that union has always left a weird taste in my mouth. I think I have a skewed view of what is “not enough”. I definitely have a different perspective on what is “too much”. ¬†I’m not afraid of hard work. I’m not afraid to make sacrifices. Thankfully, so little in that regard is being asked of me. Instead, I feel a bit under-utilized. I feel like I’m holding myself back, or more accurately, I don’t know how to push myself forward. My ego is wondering what my real motives are, and where my loyalties lie. Can I simply continue to do what I love, share my vision¬†with other people, AND use these connections to help achieve my financial goals as well?

I keep coming back to words like cooperation and collaboration. I keep thinking in terms of combinations, adendums, and aggregate. What part can I play? What idea can I spread? How do our goals and passions intertwine? Am I making myself clear? But, I digress…

These words are a small step forward. The conversations that will resonate through each of you, will be other small steps forward. I encourage you to reach out to someone today and share an idea. Take some time and listen to someone else tell their story, or share their idea with you. How can you use me to benefit, and how can our partnership benefit us both? What can I help you do? What can we share? What can we create that manifests success beyond what we can imagine? Leave a comment, or send me a note and let’s get this train rolling. I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing stuff comes next! As always, thank you for reading my words, and for participating in the Living Revolution :). Until next time…Peace.Tobias.


Learning How to Share

Welcome to the Living Revolution ūüôā

In a recent conversation with one of my lovers, we¬†shared our stories¬† about when we realized “traditional” relationships were not going to be how we interacted with the world around us. I try to have this conversation with anyone I¬†know¬†who participates in non-monogamous, open, or poly relationships; we all have different paths and I love to hear how people become who they are now. ¬†She told me about how, when she was in¬†high school, ¬†“opening up” used to be her way of distancing herself from an already-imploding relationship. She used multiple relationships as a defense mechanism against boredom, or to avoid addressing issues in¬†her romantic relationships.¬†Eventually, she recognized the unhealthy pattern she was mired in and stopped. She also¬†learned how to effectively communicate with her lovers/partners, and found¬†a moral, ethical way to engage in multiple sexual, romantic relationships, and continues to enjoy her lifestyle choice.

I told her I wasn’t sure I remembered the exact moment. Go figure. I didn’t really have a story so instead, I explained¬†how many of the behaviors and personal characteristics that make people successful at multiple relationships, also simply contribute to that person being a pretty awesome human. (I know there are exceptions, and I know there are stereotypes, but generally, people who put in the effort required to be successful in this kind of lifestyle, tend to put that much effort in to other parts of there life as well, and people who put extra effort in to how they live their lives, tend to be better people.) Behaviors including honesty, compassion, compersion, generosity, and humility generally make people good at non-monogamy, and make people more pleasant, and generally, more pleasant people are better people. I explained how I had always made an effort to be a “good person” in my relationships , but it wasn’t until I met the sweetest love of my life that I really learned what it meant to apply these ideas to a romantic relationship.

In the beginning stages of our “opening up”, we were unconventional NOOBS. We experimented. A LOT. Perhaps we were foolish, perhaps we were na√Įve, perhaps we were ignorant. Nevermind, no “perhaps”.

We also learned about each other in a myriad of ways most people can’t even conceptualize.

We sacrificed for each other, we compromised, we held our breath and closed our eyes, and jumped off more than a few metaphorical¬† “edges”. We learned¬†that it was interesting to push the envelope, but it wasn’t always necessary.¬† We learned how to REALLY talk to each other, and we¬†learned how to communicate without saying a word. Needless to say, the experience of opening our relationship has contributed exponentially to the incredible relationship¬† we share today.

A large part of enjoying multiple relationships is understanding and participating in SHARING.¬† There are obvious scenarios and situations in which sharing is overt, and the object, person, or emotion being shared are unmistakable. A 3-some is the first thing that pops into my head: I’m sure you have your own examples :). ¬†There are other scenarios in which both partners must work hard to elucidate what is being shared. Sometimes this process of uncovering layers to reveal what you are both experiencing can be uncomfortable, but it is a necessary process in¬†learning how to share.

Most often when we think of sharing, we think of something positive, but¬†we also share in all kinds of negative experiences, which means we must also¬†learn how to empathize and how to commiserate with our partner. Beyond the share that goes on between you and your partner,¬†you¬†also¬†learn how to be comfortable and happy with sharing your partner with other friends, lovers and partners.¬† Typically, this is the point where traditional relationships often experience problems, but I am here to tell you that isn’t the road you need to take! Hallelujah, thank ya sweet baby Geebus!!

Try this instead. Think of the highest good you want for your partner. Do you want them to be happy? Do you want them to pursue their dreams, to chase their goals, to actualize the life they desire? How can you best facilitate these pursuits?¬† Once you answer these (and a few other) questions, you are well on your way to learning how to share. By practicing compersion , and feeling what it feels like to be happy for your partners happiness, you get to make their positive experience part of your positive experience. Trust and believe this requires focus and intent, and it will require you to unpack some of your own insecurities, and it might make you realize that IT ISN’T ALL ABOUT YOU, and then you might get over yourself, and remember how blessed you are, and let go of petty jealousy and really feel what it feels like to enjoy sharing. I’m not promising anything, but just maybe. You might learn something new about your partners needs, wants and desires, and you might find out you aren’t able to participate in fulfilling that need, and you might then realize¬†THATS OKAY. Giving up some of the responsibility for meeting your partners EVERY NEED is¬†a very liberating endeavor, and when you let go of worrying about constantly pleasing your partner, you can redirect that energy toward loving them for the complex, fascinating creature they are. All this and more can come from the conscious recognition of learning how to share.

There’s my two cents for today. It has been forever since I’ve written anything, and that feels like a good place to get back to this work. If you have thoughts on what I’ve written, please contact me and let’s start a conversation! Thanks for reading and thanks for participating in the Living Revolution :). Until next time…